As the university remains closed, GVSU is offering beds normally used for learning purposes to be used if hospitals get overwhelmed with patients due to COVID-19.

MLive reported recently, Spectrum Health hospitals in Grand Rapids will be able to use Grand Valley facilities due to a long agreement between the health system and the university.

The agreement, Mary Eilleen Lyon, GVSU's associate vice president of communications shared with MLive, has existed almost a decade and will be utilized for the first time if need be.

While Spectrum's three hospitals are not currently at high-occupancy, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been trying to get the state prepared in the event of an influx of people sick with novel coronavirus, including securing additional hospital bed spaces.

Spectrum Health, between their Butterworth and Blodgett hospitals and Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, there are 1,850 beds.

By preparing space at GVSU's Cook-Devos Center as a precaution, the instructional space accommodates an additional 250 beds in case it is necessary.

These preparations, awaiting approval from the state, further the relationship between the hospital and the university after GVSU donated "thousands" of disposable gloves.

As a Grand Valley State University alum, I am extremely proud to say they are showing the world what it truly means to be a Laker and helping where they can in times of crisis.

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