This guy made an emoji map of Michigan on Twitter, and I gotta say I’m pretty impressed with how accurate he was able to get… with emojis.

Tyler or @capitolhillpapi on Twitter posted the map on Saturday and he did pretty well, including Douglass/Saugatuck with the Pride Flag, the Prayer Hands for Ottawa County, the beach along the western lakeshore, and he even threw in Michigan's Adventure.  Up north he included the Mackinac Bridge AND he remembered the U.P., which is something a lot of mapmakers forget!

His responses to people being upset with the map, and its missing representation of their part of the mitten is entertaining including:

Some of y’all really pressed that an emoji map isn’t drawn 50 miles to scale. Use those noggins...there are only so many characters in a tweet.


U.P. people are pressed about this, but like, there isn’t a waterfall or a pastie emoji...........and what else y’all got beside being gorgeous and Canada adjacent?

What do you think of the map?  Accurate given the character limit on twitter or he could have done better??

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