Grimes apparently wants to show more skin.

On Friday (Aug. 6), the "Oblivion" singer posted a lighthearted tweet regarding her fashion choices.

She shared two mirror selfies with her plaid skirt hiked up, showing off her leg.

"I feel uncomfortable wearing sexy stuff in public cuz I made a very explicit point of not doing it [before]. But now that I’m old, it’s def time to start dressing slutty even tho I failed at being a video vixen for Doja Cat so maybe I’m not emotionally ready for no pants," she playfully tweeted. (Grimes was featured in Doja Cat's "Need to Know" music video as an intergalactic alien babe.)

See her tweet and photos, below:

Grimes is apparently reevaluating her overall style. Earlier this week, she tweeted about her previous style choices. (Fans might recall one of her former, more infamous hairstyles featured extremely short bangs that were only an inch or two long.)

The singer shared a meme of a similar hairstyle. "Been way happier since I stopped having this haircut," Grimes captioned the meme.

Another fan shared an old photo of Grimes with the hairstyle. At the time, Grimes had written, "Accidentally went too far [with] the bangs haha." She captioned the throwback screenshot, "sounds about right."

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