A great little sidetrack to kick off your summer Michigan roadtrip is here...

The ruins of the old Lincoln Brick factory in Grand ledge (SEE PHOTOS BELOW)  welcome visitors every day, and it's quite a sight to see. It's located in the woods just off Lincoln Brick Park along the Grand River. The factory was owned by the Lincoln Brick Company (originally Baker Clay Co.) and was the last of the area's five brick companies, having produced up to 40,000 bricks a day since 1914 and ceasing production in 1947. These bricks were used for the construction of many area buildings, including Grand Ledge's city hall, post office, library and Sawdon school.

The land was sold in 1975 to Eaton County, who had a staff that was wise enough to make the grounds an historical public park for all to visit and learn about the area's brick & clay production past.

It's an impressive ruin that still holds the remains of the boiler room, kiln and warehouse.

When you explore the woods in Lincoln Brick Park, you'll find many other remnants of the factory: a brick-line oven, iron scraps, mine cart and many disfigured bricks that were thrown out for not being perfect.

Pay a visit and take some decent pics & video...it's a perfect place to kick off a summer Michigan roadtrip! Located at 3991 Tallman Road, Grand Ledge.


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