Grand Ledge is looking to improve its park and they want to do it quickly, by building a Splash Pad. The way they want to do this is through a fundraiser to raiser $50,000 and then after they raise the money they will then get a state grant to build it.

A splash pad would be the newest attraction at a park and one step to major plan for their newest park, Jaycee Park. A master plan for Jaycee Park, adopted in 2013, calls for much more over the next several years, including an amphitheater. Jaycee Park already includes a boat launch, paved walking trail and basketball court, but city officials think there's plenty of room for more amenities.

The 60-day fundraising deadline would likely be near Sept. 4. Construction of the splash pad could start yet this year and open next summer. For more information on the Splash Pad and also to see more about the park you can check it out here, from the LSJ. 


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