On March 22nd 2014, about 300 same-sex marriages were performed legally all across the state. However, these couples have been in kind of a limbo since then because even though a federal judge shot down Michigan's law to ban gay marriage, an appeals court put that decision on hold and stopped any other marriages from taking place.Over 300 couples have been waiting to be recognized as legally married since March of last year, and yesterday Gov. Rick Snyder allowed that to happen.

According to WLNS, U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith ruled that the marriages are legitimate and must be treated as such. Gov. Synder hasn't gone so far as to say that he supports this decision, but has announced that he will not appeal the judge's decision.

In a statement on WILX, Gov. Synder explains, "Our nation's highest court will decide this issue. I know there are strong feelings on both sides of this issue, and it's vitally important for an expedient resolution that will allow people in Michigan, as well as other states, to move forward together on the other challenges we face."

Some of the couples who were married during this brief window were inter viewed, check out their stories below! How do you feel about his ruling? Are you in support of gay marriage? Or do you believe the ban should be continued? Let me know in the comments below.