Dog people will take there faithful companions just about anywhere. Planes, walks in the park, and sometimes a baseball game can work. Restaurants are a no fly zone in a lot of cases. The board of health tends to frown on dogs inside of restaurants. That being said, there are some pet friendly restaurants in Lansing.

San Francisco has gone one step further and opened America's first gourmet restaurant for dogs. It features a $75 tasting menu that includes things like green-lipped mussels with wheatgrass, and raw filet mignon with fermented cabbage and a quail egg on top. Sounds great right?!! I mean, if you are a dog or have a taste for that kind of thing.

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It opened on September 25th and it is named for the French word for "mastiff" . . . it's called " Dogue" It's dog, but with a classier twist.  It may ONLY serve dog food, but not normal dog food. The founder is a classically trained French chef. The idea started in 2015 when he in his wife opened a dog daycare service. He started cooking meals for his clients and it took off from there.

The whole thing seems a bit steep where price is concerned. It seems top notch though. All of their food is human-grade. It even operates as a "PAWtisserie" that sells small-but-elaborate pastry treats for dogs that start at $5 each. We humans enjoy a good after dinner drink so they even sell, "Dogguccinos."

So what do you think? Do we need one of these in Lansing or is this a bit too much for the Midwest?

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