Could you imagine the sheer horror? Oh that who I think it is?

Your restaurant. Your bakery. And it appears that Gordon Ramsay just walked in. Where are the cameras? Who's about to get yelled at? What do we serve him? This can't be happening.

But oh, it is. And it did.

The scene of the dine (see what we did there)? Suomi Home Bakery & Restaurant in Houghton, Michigan.

What do we know? Only this. And a picture is worth a thousand words.

So what was he in the U.P. for? According to the comments section, someone said "Jampot."

I did some looking and digging and found this.

Jampot is another local favorite in the U.P. Except Jampot is in Eagle River.

And we're talking like top of Michigan U.P. here.

These places are classic hometown bakeries and such, so we don't think that it will part of a "Kitchen Nightmares" type of TV show or anything. He might be scoping things out for one of his more low key, specialty shows.

Gordon can be nice and not yell at people. We've seen it before.

He loves kids and has a soft spot in his heart for teaching them how to cook. And I think he likes showing us, the general public, things we didn't know and how to cook and enjoy food.

And last but not least, you and I both may be a tough guy and a bad@$$ on tv sir. But I wouldn't waltz into the Upper Peninsula and think I could yell at folks and get away with it.

Yoopers ain't having it.

As a matter of fact, the best person to ask about what's going on with Gordon in the U.P., would be a Yooper.

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