This just happened so good news if you live in Lansing or stay with friends in Lansing. This was an ordinance that has gotten some people in trouble and also costing them some cash, so it will be good to see it gone. I am not a person that has been ticketed for this but I know of two people who have to constantly be up late so they can juggle cars in and out of the street. I do live in Lansing but it isn't really an issue where I live and also that I have a two car driveway. This ordinance going away is going to help a lot of people living in downtown Lansing especially near the Capitol and the Stadium.

The Lansing City Council voted Monday night to eliminate the overnight parking ordinance so you will be able to leave your car on the street from 2am - 5am. Plus they also passed a second ordinance which eliminates the annual and temporary permits for overnight street parking. These two ordinances won't go into effect for another 30 days so you will still have to juggle cars for a while, but it will be helpful in the winter when streets get clogged with cars and snow.

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