So in the age of the coronavirus, there are a lot of ominous warnings, shelter in place, and precautions especially for our seniors.

We are taking a lot of steps to take care of our elderly at this time. Stores are blocking off early hours to make sure they can shop and not have to fight crowds. Volunteers are helping to make sure they get meals, prescriptions, and supplies.

And if you think our seniors are all hunkered down and fearing the worst and full of doom and gloom and depression, THINK AGAIN.

We head over to jolly old England and the Bryn Celyn Care Home where they are taking some steps to keep everyone in good spirits.

I'm sure you remember the game Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Well, over in the UK they decided to play...but with a twist. Take a look at Hungry Hungry Hippos THE HOME VERSION starring some seniors that refuse to let this whole coronavirus thing get them down. Enjoy.

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