With the school about to start, if you are going to a 4 year or a 2 year school you still have time to apply for tuition incentive aid from the state department of treasury. The grant program from the Treasury Dept. is called TIP. TIP is a program for students who have been on Medicaid, from between ages of 9 through High School, for 24 months within a 36 month window. And according to WLNS, the deadline for you to apply to this program is August 31st.

The TIP program is to help and also to push students towards getting a degree whether that means an Associate's or a Certificate or even 56 transferable credits. When you achieve either one of these you can then receive up to $500 per semester while you then pursue your Bachelor's Degree.

  • Create an account for the MiSSG Student Portal HERE
  • When you make an account you can log in, and complete the on-line application.
  • If you have more questions on it you can them at Call Customer Care Unit at 888-447-2687.

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