This is dumb.

The Harlem Globetrotters, who deserve all the respect for being awesome, multi-generational entertainers, will be in Flint on Monday night. What WON'T be in Flint, is the Globetrotters' most popular skit. Why? Because they pulled it from the Flint show because it involves water.

"Out of respect," according to WILX-TV, "for residents dealing with contaminated water."

Let us count the ways this is dumb.

1. If I bought tickets to the show, I want to see the WHOLE show -- I don't want you to remove the best part.

2. Maybe I need a break from the water drama, and I want to have some fun. Yes, even fun that involves water.

3. If I bought tickets to the show, I'm probably OK on the water tip. I've probably not spent money on entertainment before making sure I'm good on one of life's basic necessities.

So, does this mean we're not allowed to use the "W" word anymore? Because it might be offensive to people in Flint? Is it "the liquid which should not be named" now?

I spend a lot of time in Flint.  I have family in Flint.  I don't live in Flint but I have water that requires two filters in order for it to be safe to drink.  The Culligan man was literally at my house on Saturday!  So, I think it's somewhat fair that I speak out: I think it's OK that we keep using the "w" word and I think it's OK to keep the best part of the show in the show for the people that bought tickets to the show.