We are officially in the Fall and that means that leaves changing, Halloween, and Corn mazes? Yes corn mazes are a big thing especially in the fall and when Halloween comes around a normal corn maze can turn into a haunted corn maze. Here are some of the best rated corn mazes in the Lansing-Area as well as around the state.

  • Frankenmuth Corn Maze - 5450 Weiss Road, Frankenmuth. This interactive corn maze is an ideal place to spend a fall afternoon and has a mystery maze as well.
  • Bestmaze Corn Maze - 3803 Noble Rd, Williamston.  It’s been in around for 16 years and even features a separate haunted maze, known as the “Trail of Terror.”
  • The Blast Corn Maze - 6175 Daly Rd, Dexter. This is outside of Ann Arbor,  the 3.5 miles of maze trails that wind through the field, which offers separate paths for various skill levels.
  • DeBuck’s Corn Maze - 50240 Martz Rd, Belleville. Right outside of Detroit and this maze is separated into three paths based on skill level, so you can select the experience that’s right for you.

You can check out other corn mazes in the Lansing-Area as well as up north or west here.