Red Bull does not, in fact, give you wings. But they will give you 10 free bucks just for buying one of their drinks in the past 12 years! Holla!

Red Bull was sued over false advertising because their slogan claims "Red Bull gives you wings." According to the article on, "The plaintiffs claimed that the company’s advertised benefits, like increased performance and reaction speed, were false advertising, and not backed up with scientific evidence. One of the plaintiffs said despite drinking the product since 2002, he saw no improvement in his athletic performance."

Here's how you can cash in: If you bought a Red Bull between January 1st 2002 and October 3rd 2014 (who hasn't?) you can choose to receive either $10 cash or $15 worth of Red Bull products from the company. Make sure you register here by March 2015 and don't worry, no proof of purchase is necessary. HOLLA. I'm going to go sign up RIGHT NOW.

Read the full article from BuzzFeed here.