You all know Gerber Baby Food, right? Most of you probably swallowed a lot of this stuff as an infant.

And some of you know where Fremont, Michigan is...somewhat northeast of Muskegon. That's where it was created in 1928 by Daniel Gerber Jr..

His father owned the Fremont Canning Company, which became a booming business once Junior came up with his idea for baby foods. The idea came to Junior after his doctor told him & his wife to feed his sick daughter strained peas. Baby food was expensive at the time and could only be found in pharmacies; that is, until Dan Jr. introduced his baby food line.

What were the first Gerber Baby Foods? Beef vegetable soup, carrots, peas, prunes and spinach. Yum! Now there are over 200 kinds...and many adults enjoy the pureed fruits to this day.

Gerber came up with the first baby cereal in 1972...made adult baby food that was quickly taken off the, it's used to treat sick ferrets. Honest.

There are other interesting facts to read about Michigan's own Gerber Baby Foods

Just another of the many things to thank Michigan for!

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