Its starting to get warmer and as you travel more, just a note that gas prices have gone up with Michigan getting a hike up this week. The average price in the state is around $2.45 with Jackson having the highest average price at $2.48. Michigan had a big jump last week of any state in the country.

The average price for gas in Lansing is between $2.27 - $2.39, according to gasbuddy. And here are some of the other averages from the around the state.

Ann Arbor: $2.47
Detroit: $2.46
Flint: $2.43
Grand Rapids/Muskegon/Holland: $2.46
Saginaw/Bay City/Midland: $2.45
Traverse City: $2.46

The rise in gas prices may also be as refiners gear up to make the switch to the more expensive summer blend of fuel. Read more about it here.