In case you didn't notice gas prices took a little dip earlier this week but coming up this weekend or early next week you will see them rise. According to AAA, they say average gas prices statewide have risen about 8 cents in the past week to about $3 per gallon.

According to the Gas Buddy app, the cheapest gas you will find, in the Lansing-Area is actually in Lansing at a few Speedways ($2.74) as well as at Sams' Club and Costco ($2.65 but you need a membership card). Our range of gas prices are from $2.65 to about $3.19.

Also with the Labor Day holiday and with school opening soon you can expect to see gas prices rise again. The rise usually happens on Wednesday or Thursday before the holiday, so look for it to happen at some point soon. If you need gas you might want to head to pump, and you can look for the cheapest gas in the area using the Gas Buddy app or at

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