That's right, gas prices are dropping more this week incase you haven't noticed (since gas has been under $2 for a while now). But according to some experts gas prices could see a huge drop to under $1 as soon as this weekend, but more than likely next week. I have been driving for 10 years and the cheapest I can remember paying is what it is now, but in the 1990s gas was below or hovering around $1.

Michigan is one of 12 states that have below average gas prices with an average in Lansing (as of 2/9/16) at $1.42. There is one way in which prices will be able to drop below a dollar besides demand, and that is through stations competing with one another and dropping their prices. Like what happened at a few gas stations in a few weeks ago in northern Michigan. So hope that your favorite station gets in price war with another station and the cheaper gas can be yours.

Also in case you don't know about the app check out as they regularly update gas prices from consumers minute by minute so you will always know where the cheapest gas is.

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