If you are looking to take a day trip or a drive this weekend it might be the best time to do it since we have pretty cool weather and gas prices are very low.

Your gas budget this month is looking pretty good as gas prices have dropped across Mid-Michigan again. According to gasbuddy.com, in Lansing there are most stations hovering around the $2.12 mark with a few stations even selling for less than that. The cheapest station in the Lansing-Area are the Admiral stations (On Grand River and E. Kalamazoo) and the Speedway (On Grand River) with both selling regular at $2.05. GasBuddy.com also shows several spots in mid-Michigan that are posting gas prices of less than $2 in Alma and Ithaca, and Mason just a hair above $2.

Michigan gas prices have been lowering fast than the National Average and at this rate we may be seeing gas for less than $2 by next week.

More about gas prices across the state here.

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