The gas prices in Michigan are on a downward trend, which is good for us, and we are seeing the biggest drop in the country. According to MLive and, gas prices in Michigan have dropped 12 cents, giving us an average of $2.87. The country average is $2.89 so Michigan has lower gas prices than most of the nation, so maybe buy some now if you need gas.

Some of the cheapest gas in the state is actually right here in Lansing too. Cost co on Park Lake usually has the cheapest but you need a membership, its $2.51. But multiple Speedways in Lansing are reporting $2.51 a gallon as well. The range of gas prices in our area is between $2.51 and $2.90. So if you need some gas get some either today or tomorrow as gas prices usually go on the rise late Wednesday or early Thursday.

To see more on the gas prices and what the price was last year at this time, check it out here.

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