I'm running out of cologne. Dangerously low. And I can't have that.

I have my primary stuff and the backup stuff and both are almost on E. My go to scents are Spicebomb, Polo Red Intense, and Diesel BAD Intense. Don't judge me. I'm going on a limb exposing my scent selection to you. And I know I'm going to get a side eye for the Diesel but I like what I like.

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I decided to head to Ulta to see if they had the Spicebomb in stock or if I was going to have to order it online. I was going to do it on Amazon but the reviews had me questioning if it was the real stuff for the lower price. Figured I'd be safe and get it from a real store.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Ulta kind of takes me out of my element. They have colognes and a few men's products. And folks are super nice. It's just that 10% of the store is for me and the rest screams I should be shopping for my mom or non-existent girlfriend.

So I waltz into the store and guess who jumps out at me with RAY GUN and all?

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Ariana Grande in her best Barbarella get up slinging her latest scent R.E.M.

The space getup and your perfume being named after a sleep cycle has me totally confused.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Seriously, it looks like I should be buying this for my kid sister.

But Ariana wasn't the only celeb hanging out at Ulta in Frandor. The holiday season is right around the corner and I ran into a bunch of folks pimping colognes and perfumes. Some I didn't even know had signed on to sell scents. Take a look at who's smelling who and see which one I finally decided on.

Also, the ladies and staff at Ulta were so nice and very helpful. Please go see them. They let me spray as many bottles as I wanted and grabbed all the test strips I hosed down in various colognes. I had a wonderful time and now smell like 30 scents.

Celebs Pimpin' Colognes and Perfumes for the 2020 Holiday Season