Honestly, I started out with the best of intentions for this. I was going to go and find all these murals around the city, take pictures, and give you a good ole comprehensive list of where to go to find them.

I got off to a good start in REO Town. But it was a beautiful summer day in the city. The sun was shining. Good Truckin' Diner was right there callin' my name (btw, they'll be closed this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). I got sidetracked. But not before I got some work done. And then wandered around downtown. Next thing I know I'm on the riverwalk enjoying my day and not even thinking about going back in to work. Hey, it's almost Labor Day Weekend. And we've all kind of checked out one way or another right?

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So I snapped some pix of some really cool stuff I saw while daytrippin' downtown. Something I advise all of you to do when you get a chance. Get lost in our wonderful city. Go explore REO Town. Talk a walk down riverwalk. Visit Rotary Park. Stop by Lansing Brewing Company. Slide on over to Old Town. Take in the sights, the sounds, the food.

And enjoy all the art around you. It's subjective and it's everywhere.

Peep the gallery below. And here's a couple of resources for you. They will provide you with maps, locations, and the stories behind the art featured in our gallery and ones we didn't get around to getting photos of. Enjoy.

Get out there and explore Lansing. Go daytrippin'. Or go on a mural crawl.

Below the Stacks is a citywide mural festival featuring street artists from Lansing, Detroit, Chicago, New York and beyond.

REO Town & Downtown Murals & Street Art

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