When I was invited to the Wharton Center's 2019-2020 season preview announcement, I was floored to find out about one show in particular. Black Violin. Let me explain. And they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So if you flip through my gallery below, you will see that I met these guys a long time ago. Our first meeting? Anchorage, Alaska. 2010. My friend Andrea was bringing them in and I was a dj and program director at a station there. I got to do the commercial, interview, and introduce the guys. I met them for the first time then. It's now 2019. 9 years later. And 3 shows later (for me). And we still stay in touch. They have gotten bigger. The shows more elaborate. The lights. The songs. More albums. Their latest album Take The Stairs is out in November. Peep the new single One Step. Peep them out on YouTube, check out their website, and definitely go see them whenever they show up to play live. You will not be disappointed.

BTW, their show last night at the Wharton Center was amazing. Wil playing the viola like it was a guitar and Kev doing his thing on the violin. Some shots from the show are also in the gallery.

Videos: Black Violin on YouTube

Black Violin & Large Then and Now

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