Now that early results from Pfizer's vaccine show a 90 percent efficacy rate, concerts may likely return in the distant future. But just how exactly will concerts welcome crowds safely once an official COVID-19 vaccine has been approved?

On Wednesday (November 11), Billboard unveiled Ticketmaster's tentative plan to keep track of fans' vaccine status for admittance into shows.

While the plan is still in development and has not yet been approved, the company has proposed using smartphones to verify each fan's vaccination status or COVID-19 test result in a 24- or 72-hour window using third-party healthcare and testing/vaccine distribution companies, according to Billboard.

Under the reported proposed protocol, after a fan purchases a ticket, they would have to verify that they have been vaccinated, or have tested negative for COVID-19 between 24 and 72 hours prior to the event, pending local government health and safety guidelines.

After receiving test results, the fan would then need to give permission to the lab to deliver the results to a health-pass company like CLEAR or IBM to foward their results to Ticketmaster. If cleared, they would get their credentials to access the show. Billboard reports the process would not give Ticketmaster access to fans' medical records.

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