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Take it outside. Just this time, they mean you and your crying baby. There is a restaurant in Monterey, California that says, "We decided that it was important that our guests enjoy a great meal and not be distracted by children crying in our dining room". (Insider)

Once you enter Old Fisherman's Grotto, you will be greeted by a sign on the hostess station that says:

  • No strollers
  • No high chairs
  • No booster chairs

"Crying children or making loud noises are a distraction to our diners, and as such are not allowed in the dining room."

They haven't allowed the strollers and high chairs since 2009. In 2011, they threw in the disruptive children ban.

There is an online warning on their website. And they don't ban kids outright. If your kid is well behaved, then they are welcome to stay. But violation of the policy, means you and your kid will be asked to leave.

Now some folks have avoided the place all together. Other have claimed that the policy outright discriminates against children. Saying that the restaurant doesn't want children as customers. But the owners said they made sure the wording was clear and ran it through their lawyers before they started enforcing it. It's by the book and it's legal.

More business are getting in on this. Movie theaters. Restaurants. Some places aren't going in with a full on ban, but more so restricting hours. No kids after 5 pm. Some are banning kids under a certain age. Most are going for 6 and under.

Some parents are hopping mad. Some customers of these public businesses are...welcoming it with open arms. If you can't control your kid and keep them quiet, should others have to deal with it and suffer because of it? They're paying customers too. Or are these folks just intolerant and don't understand children. And are parents just supposed to not have a social life anymore?

And here's a question. Now that we have a ban in place for the kids, what are gonna do about those cell phones?


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