The Fun Center Amusement Park in the Irish Hills was around for decades until it was finally closed down in 2009 thanks to a lack of business and interest.

It became a lack of interest to the newer generations who didn't grow up with this place and to the race fans who would rather spend time at M.I.S.

But there are a handful of us who have NOT lost interest in the Fun Center...but unfortunately, all we can do is look at pictures and reminisce about the fun and wonder that we had, back when the Irish Hills was thriving with amusements and customers.

Nowadays, with the race track, computer-generated games and other hand-held amusements, the fun stuff that we physically had to be involved in - with our whole bodies, NOT just our hands & fingers - has disappeared from Irish Hills.

So before I get too sappy, take a look at the photo gallery below and see the current condition of the park and the ghosts-of-times-past  that lie within.

Please feel free to leave your own comments and memories of the place...all are welcome.


Delaware Ghost Town and Abandoned Mine

Abandoned Community College & High School, Detroit

Abandoned 'Adults-Only' Club, Eastern Michigan

If you wish, also take a look at the 15-minute video below, taken on the inside of the abandoned park.

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