I am not much in the kitchen, but even I could make this snack. That basically means it would also be super simple for your kids to make too. Damn, maybe that is the reason I should have had kids -  so they can make snacks.

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I would consider 'Fruity Pebbles Sushi' to be somewhat of a healthy snack. It does feature bananas and yogurt. Other than those two ingredients, all you need is a box of Fruity Pebbles.

If you are some kind of chef, then you may have already figured out how to make the dish, without even watching the video. If not, no big - like I said, it is super simple. The steps are as follow,

  1. Peel a banana
  2. Roll the peeled banana in yogurt
  3. Roll the banana covered in yogurt in Fruity Pebbles
  4. Chop

Done! I told you it was easy. If your kids are young, they could easily cut the banana into sushi with a butter knife. Like I said, I do not have kids - but I am guessing a sharp knife and a 4-year-old is not a good combination.

I want to call this dish for myself from here on out. If either of my sisters, or my brother are reading this, I call dibs on making 'Fruity Pebbles Sushi' for any upcoming family party or get together.

Happy New Year!

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