Get ready for some Friday Night Lights but this time in the Big Ten? Yeah Big 10 officials announced earlier this week that the league will be introducing a package of six Friday night games starting in 2017. These games will be at the beginning of the season in September and October.

We don't know who will be hosting or playing in the Friday games but no school are going to be ordered to play or host if they don't want to. With that a few schools like Univ. of Michigan and Penn State have already said they will not play or host any due to High School football or travel concerns. Ohio State, Indiana, and Purdue have all come out and said they might be able to play, but the Big Ten is looking to do 3 Non and 3 Conference games per year on Friday.

Michigan State is a possibility cause they do already host a Friday night game, though its always Labor Day Weekend and doesn't conflict with Michigan HS Football. You can read more about the new plans by clicking here.