There seems to be a plethora of supposedly true spooky tales emanating from Fowlerville. So many, in fact, I'm finding it more & more hard to believe.....especially since some of them sound so ridiculous. I've reported some of the town's haunted tales in the past and I'll direct you to them after you read these next four Fowlerville hauntings:

1) A strange ghost has been spotted in a Fowlerville shoe store. This ghost has the body of a woman but the head of a horse. It was seen 'staggering' through the aisles of the store, not caring if it was seen by anyone. Some locals say it's the spirit of a former town resident --- and not something you'd want to confront, as it's said to be "menacing."

2) Another female ghost - this time described as an "elderly hag" - was seen at Midnight, wandering the halls of a secondary school; the ghost was mumbling something about killing someone for revenge.

3) This time the ghost is a adult male with the head of a leprechaun. This apparition was reportedly seen standing by a Fowlerville road sign, drinking what appeared to be blood from a beaker. The witness said this ghost did indeed take notice that he was being watched. Locals claim this apparition is the "tormented soul" of a long-dead Fowlerville resident and you should NOT make any attempt to find it. 

4) One Fowlerville apartment dweller says he saw the apparition of a male with a huge hole through his torso; it was seen in the apartment. The witness didn't hang around.

So, there you are --- four more frightening Fowlerville fables. How far back do these stories go? I don't know. Could be sometime within the last 50 years or even 100 years ago. If someone from the area can shed some light on these tales, they'd be more than welcome.

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This town certainly has it's share of spooky stuff, and yes, there are a few more I'll be relating in a future post. So visit Fowlerville sometime soon...preferably AFTER the Witching Hour of Midnight.....alone.



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