I've always wanted to take a helicopter tour while on vacation but my fear of heights always gets in the way. I would really like to get over that fear but it's not going to happen over a weekend trip to Florida that's sure. However, I might be able to if I take a helicopter tour somewhere in Michigan.

I never really thought about taking a helicopter tour in Michigan because I don't really vacation in the state and I didn't know it was an option...until now.

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There's a company in Michigan that offers multiple tours at a variety of must-see places in our state.

My Flight Tours offers four different tours that you can take in the summer.

Detroit Tours

See Detroit from one amazing perspective, the sky above. With this tour, they give you the option to see the City of Detroit during the day or at night or you can take the Ambassador Bridge Tour and fly along the Detroit River which gives you a killer view of Windsor and Detroit.

Mackinaw City Tours

The Mackinaw City tours offer three different tours. One that takes you right over the Mackinac Bridge which would be amazing to see from above. There's a Bay tour that takes you 1,000 plus feet above the bright blue water. There's also another Mackinac Bridge tour but it's a little more expensive and takes you over the bridge at sunset.

Muskegon/Grand HavenTours

Fly over Mona Lake and check out the area's surroundings, fly down the shoreline to the historic and scenic Grand Haven lighthouse, or do a coastal or sunset tour.

 St. Ignace Tours

With this one, you can again see the Mackinac Bridge (day or sunset trip), check out East Moran Bay and Downtown St. Ignace from over 1000 feet in the air, or do a custom Mackinac tour where you simply tell the pilot where you want to go.

The trips seem to be pretty affordable with most tours starting as low as $50 a person. The price starts to go up depending on what tour you decide to go with.

They also offer some others tours outside of summer including Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Allegan tours.

Of all these tours, I'd really like to fly over the Mackinac Bridge the most. Hopefully one day I'll get the balls to do it.

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