According to the Lansing State Journal, Aaron Stephens, who is a former MSU graduate, would take to the street to remind students of the city's COVID-19 mandate requiring face coverings and even pulling out a box of disposable masks if they needed one.

Aaron Stephens is the mayor of East Lansing and he takes his job seriously by looking out for other people.

"As the mayor, he spends a majority of his waking hours walking East Lansing streets, coordinating with MSU, government and business leaders through Zoom meetings and educating students and the MSU community during the coronavirus pandemic." (LSJ)

Stephens is an amazing young man. He announced his campaign for a seat on the city council as an MSU junior and voters elected him in 2017 as a 21 year old senior.

So how did Aaron Stephens wind up as the mayor of East Lansing? "Mayor Ruth Beier and former Mayor Mark Meadows both resigned during a July 14 meeting following a heated argument over a city attorney contract." (LSJ)

As a council member and pro tem, Stephens was thrown into the council's top position and instantly became the youngest mayor in city history.

I find this very interesting just to see how far Stephens will go with his newly found position as mayor of East Lansing.

Stephens said his most important mayoral duty is simply listening, whether to a city council member or a city resident who doesn't agree with him on a certain issue.

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