Netflix and Tiger King made you sit through 8 episodes of insanity.

HBO Max says hold my beer.

Class Action Park says we can do it in 90 minutes.

And are you in for a ride.

Remember the 80's? A time before snowflakes and safety precautions?

Big hair and big danger.

This is the story of a real amusement/water park in New Jersey that was open from 1978 to 1996.

The draw?

The action and the danger.

Over the years, the poorly designed and questionably tested creations at Action Park claimed a handful of lives and caused lots more fatal injuries. (RadioTimes)

This place was so dangerous and so high risk that the owner created his own insurance company and insured himself "because nobody would give him insurance". That's from a clip in the documentary and the trailer above.

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And how dangerous?

You'll see a water slide in the trailer that called the Cannonball Loop.

...park employees tested the unfinished Cannonball Loop – a water slide that ends in a full-blown upside-down loop – after Mulvihill offered anyone who dared to try it $100.

Another jaw dropping scene reveals many of the later testers emerged from the slide bearing bloody gashes from human teeth stuck to the slide’s interior walls that were left behind by previous testers. (RadioTimes)

And trust us, that's just the beginning.

Seriously, this thing is Tiger King on steroids.

It's only 90 minutes long and available on HBO Max. Enjoy.

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