You'll never defeat America, Putin. You and your thugs may have impounded the Batmobile because it "exceeded acceptable norms", but that's what America does - exceed "acceptable norms". Go ahead - take off your shirt, get your booster seat out of your mom's van and pose in it all you want. You'll never be Batman.

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According to the BBC, a custom built (and made in America) replica of the Batmobile has been seized in by the Russian government in Moscow. The Moscow branch of the Ministry of the Interior says it was confiscated because it was "not manufactured within factory conditions" and the dimensions of the vehicle "exceeded acceptable norms".

There's evidence this vehicle was imported from the US to Russia in 2018, where somebody added features like high-end electronics, and then sold it for 55 million rubles (800,000 dollars +). Sure, some 32-year old Russian guy owns it now - but it's still the Batmobile - in Russian government hands.

SEAL Team 6? Delta Force? Mr. T? Are you going to take this?


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