Forester Township is located in Sanilac County with a 25 square-mile area and a total population of 1,108 according to the 2000 census. Within the township is the unincorporated community of Forester; it's one of those Michigan lumber towns that went belly-up in the early-mid 1900's. They hung in there throughout the 1930's, with a handful of businesses still in operation. But over the decades, many of the businesses split and today there are just a few left. However, a few old buildings still remain for us to admire. Today, the area is still inhabited with some residents along with summer vacation homes and cottages along the shores of Lake Huron.

The sites to see here are the old buildings seen in the photos below but the most famous/historic ones are the old Tanner House Hotel and the Forester Cemetery, where the body of Minnie Quay lies.

What's the big deal with Minnie, you ask? She happens to be the subject of one of Michigan's most notorious ghost stories, that's all.

Minnie drowned herself in 1876, despondent over a lost love...her ghost is said to haunt the area and lure young girls into the water to drown. But I'm not gonna relate the whole story here...if ya wanna read this "Haunted Michigan" tale about Minnie Quay, CLICK HERE.

Aside from that, Forester still has a quaintness to it that, to me, seems to be disappearing, thanks to tourists and their summer lake homes. So visit soon...Minnie's grave awaits you in the Forester Cemetery and the old buildings are still there for you to take photos of.....but hurry before corporate greed moves in and causes these historic structures to be torn down.


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