Angie Mitosinka is the IEC for High School Exchange and she's on the hunt for one or two host families or families willing to be "Welcome Homes;" homes where foreign exchange students can temporarily stay until they're permanently placed.

Alma, 16, is coming from Sweden.  Vanessa, 16, is coming from Switzerland.

Angie said Alma loves sleepovers, make-up, shopping, horses and downhill skiing.  Vanessa would like to be a fashion designer.  She plays basketball, sings and loves art, english and gym.  Vanessa's reference said her English skills are "extraordinary," Angie said.

Of hosting, Angie says "Personally speaking I have always hosted 2 at a time so they could have another sibling in the home with me being single. It has always been a terrific experience and they become life long sisters or brothers."

If you or someone you know is able to help either as a permanent placement or as a Welcome Home, contact Angie at 989-729-1966 or 989-292-1722, or she said you can find her on Facebook here.

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