The first flights from Lansing to DC started today and it brings on hope that more flights and destinations will come with it.

With several airlines leaving Lansing and the Capital Region International Airport destinations go with it. The airport has lost about 15% of their passengers from last year. But with the new flights starting and now daily travel to and from DC and Chicago many working at the airport are hoping more destinations come.

According to the Lansing Street Journal, with the full story on it, "in 2017, the first full year of offering flights to D.C. and Chicago, the airport estimates it will have 370,000 total passengers, which would be a 17.8% increase from its 2016 estimate."

Flight Times to and From DC.

Sunday - Friday

Depart from Lansing: 6:30 A.M  -  Arrive in D.C: 8:04 A.M.

Depart from D.C: 5 P.M  -  Return to Lansing: 6:53 P.M.


Depart from Lansing: 9:05 A.M -  Arrive in D.C: 10:39 A.M.

Depart from D.C: 3:20 P.M -  Return to Lansing: 5:10 P.M.