Nathan Apodaca had no idea that within hours of creating his Fleetwood Mac / Cran-Rasberry juice / skateboard Tic Tok video that he would be an internet sensation. The original video shows Nathan cruising down the road chillin' on his board taking in the day while singing Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" and sipping some Ocean Spray Cran-Rasberry juice. Nathan reported that within hours of posting the video on Tik Tok it had already reached one hundred thousand views. So far, the video has racked up over 26 million views.

Nathan's video was so popular it put the Fleetwood Mac song "Dreams" back on the chart after being gone for 40 years. The video even netted a version done by Mick Fleetwood himself.

I guess dreams do come true because for all efforts Apocada has been rewarded by the CEO of Ocean Spray with a new truck. "Dear Nathan, Good vibes only! Love, Ocean Spray." Just to keep his thirst quenched while driving his new truck the company filled the bed with lots of Ocean Spray Cran-Rasberry juice.

The response on social media for Nathan's fortune has been uplifting. One poster commented "Well deserved for all the days you've brightened, Man" Another wrote: "You deserve it bro! You brought happiness to so many when we all needed it! 

Nathan thanks Ocean Spray on Instagram with a video showing him driving off in the truck with a caption that reads "Thanks for the truck Ocean Spray #soblessed."

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