I'm a little too overly excited for my broadcast at Edru Skatarama in Holt tonight!!! (Seriously in the 90's every time you saw me I would be in a pair of roller blades and I've had countless birthday parties and spent almost every weekend at the local Roller Rink)... So to gear up for my broadcast tonight (7pm-9pm if you want to come hold my hand during couples skate middle school style) I's sharing a list of the top 10 songs I used to roller skate to in the 90's!  Have any songs you want to ad to the list?  Comment below!

  1. Was (Not Was) - Walk The Dinosaur... Seriously... BEST. SONG. EVER!  Remember speed skating around the rink pretending you're super awesome to this song!?                     
  2. Mariah Carey - Always Be My Baby... Lights dim, the disco ball comes on and it's couple skate middle school style!  Maybe even the boy skates backwards while you skate forwards and you're holding hands!?!  YES!                         
  3. Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever... Couple skate galore!
  4. Ace of Base - The Sign... No explanation necessary except LOL.
  5. The Ventures - Wipe Out... Falling down in skates has never been so fun!
  6. Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe... Why is this song so dang catchy?!?
  7. Aqua - Barbie girl... Another song you'll have stuck in your head all day!
  8. Hanson - Mmmbop... Four words... Taylor Hanson Marry Me!
  9. The B52's - Love Shack... Hey, I still jam this song to get amped for the day!
  10. MC-Hammer - Can't Touch This... I will marry a guy that can rock MC Hammer pants like these!