The disappearing town of Flanders is nowadays considered an unincorporated community in the northeast corner of Alpena County's Green Township.

Flanders was intended as a lumber town in 1869 and named after lumber businessman S.W. Flanders. A sawmill was built that same year and a post office followed in 1885, closing down in 1914. Numerous lumber mills and camps dotted the area, along with a grocery store, extra sawmill, two blacksmiths and general store.

Even with the handful of businesses, it appears that Flanders was referred to as a postal area instead of a town. By 1918 the population had dwindled down to 100 and the town of Lachine became the closest shipping & postal point.

Speaking of Lachine, that town lies approximately 2.5 miles northeast of Flanders.

Lachine is another unincorporated community located in an entirely different township than Flanders, Long Rapids Township.

Lachine was born in 1909 as a railroad station of the D & M Railway and was named by a train conductor who hailed from Lachine, Quebec, Canada. A post office came along in 1910 and a few years later, became the postal point for the above-mentioned Flanders.

Yes, there are still some residents in both places, but both Flanders and Lachine make a nice little 'ghost town" package to include on your Michigan roadtrip with a nice handful of great old buildings for photo ops!

Always treat Michigan's communities, cemeteries and structures with respect; always seek permission to investigate any abandoned site.


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