If you're really ready to SPICE UP your Thanksgiving celebration, we've got just the thing! Introducing the FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS TURKEY! Or if you're not in the mood for spicy, the DORITOS COOL RANCH TURKEY! These are real and there are real recipes to make them. And I'm sure, real digestive prices to pay for making and eating such a thing. But hey, people laughed at deep fried Cajun turkey so...

Flamin' Hot Cheetos Turkey Is The New Trend For Thanksgiving Dinner, Apparently

Have you ever looked at your Thanksgiving turkey and thought, "You know what? To hell with tradition! I want something DIFFERENT, damnit!"? Or maybe you've thought, "You know what this turkey needs? SOME HOT CHEETOS, THAT'S WHAT." Well, I have some good news, my friends.

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