I knew this guy once, a disc jockey whose father was a disc jockey so he grew up around it and was exposed to "the business" for years and for many years this guy had his own radio show. But that wasn't what he really wanted to do with the rest of his life.

He wanted to get into gambling. No, not get into gambling to gamble, even though he would gamble sometimes, this guy wanted be on the other side of the table. He wanted to be a dealer. But how do you do that? Well here's what he did. Every time there was a charity event where there was card play like poker and blackjack, this guy would volunteer (or get paid, not sure how that works) to deal cards at the event.

I ended up losing touch with this guy because he left the radio station where we worked but I knew that his ultimate goal was to work for a casino.

Truly, it sounds like it would be a fun job, but I'm pretty sure it would not be for me. Why? Well I think you have to really pay attention to what is going on when you're the person behind the table and you're dealing cards or running a roulette wheel or craps or whatever. And sometimes my friend, my mind will wander and that would be a very bad thing if you're running casino games, I would guess.

However, the exciting world of casino employment could be for you and it's not that far away. Firekeepers Casino in Battle Creek is looking for employees and they may just be looking for someone like you.

According to their Facebook page they are holding a Job Fair tomorrow (8/25) for all kinds of positions. If you're interested, get all the the info here.

And remember that guy I told you about that was a DJ and wanted to be a dealer at a casino? I ran into him years later and he wasn't a dealer. He was actually the guy who supervised the dealers at this casino.

So, yes it looked like things worked out for him just fine.

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