I am elated because after 7+ years we finally got A NEW COMPUTER in the studio!

As I mentioned on the show this morning (a few times), since I arrived in 2007 we have had the same computer in the studio, and who knows how long before that.  But you must understand, this computer is a critical component of every day's show.  It controls the on air phones, it controls our internet thus it controls our social and web capabilities; it's a very necessary piece of equipment and it was soooo.....slow......

Okay, let me tell you a story I've never publicly shared because... well... it's embarrassing.
So back in 2008 when Miley Cyrus was blooowing up, we had the chance to have her on the morning show.  So, as we commonly do, we got her on the phone and recorded the interview to be aired at a later time.

The interview was AWESOME.  Miley was on fire so this was a big score!

Recorded.  Saved.  Closed.  Open from a different computer -- wait -- open..... um..... ooopppeennn....??!! :( :(... no no NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....

The computer FAILED to save the interview because the drive had filled up completely but we got no errors or warnings or anything...

We LOST the Miley interview!

Let's skip over the part where I begged for a redo... BEGGED... GRAVELED...

Miley and her people accommodated.

She thought it was funny.

That is the story of Miley calling me...twice.  Tell your friends.

But I digress... we got a new computer!!!

What piece of equipment in YOUR office needs to go (like 5 years ago)???