The Brown Recluse Spider has sightings every year but every year most of those sightings are fake or people haven't actually found one, because of that the Rose Pest Company is going to challenge your findings and if you are right you will be paid.

According to, there should be no brown recluse spiders in Michigan. The Rose Pest people say they've only confirmed one house with brown recluse spiders in it and that was in a house occupied by a family who had moved from the brown recluse-infested state of Kansas. So that is why Rose Pest is putting the $300 offer out there so that once and for all we can confirm if these spiders are actually here.

If you think you actually found one you have to email it with your name, address and phone number to If it is a Brown Recluse Spider be careful with how you kill and the Rose Pest people will give you $300.

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