If you haven't gone to Toys R' Us yet during their final sales and ultimate closing then you will want to check it out this week. Toys R' Us is making its final sales this week as they sell off all of their toys, games, and other items before their shut down later this month.

According to WILX, Toys R' Us are having Discounts that will range from 50% to 70% off store-wide. There are some limited exclusions but there are still plenty of toys, games, and other items that are up for sale in a big way. However if you are looking for popular video games systems from Nintendo and PlayStation many are sold out. But there are still plenty of Lego sets, board games, Barbie dolls and "Star Wars" toys. Most of the items that Toys R' Us have for sale are cheaper than online sellers like Amazon so this is the time to find whatever toy or game you may want now.

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