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Well, this sick and disturbing story is sure to piss you off, especially after you find out why this FedEx driver more than likely spit on a customer's package.

A FedEx driver who recently dropped off a package to a customer living near Millington was spotted on a Ring camera spitting on that same package.

According to ABC12, the FedEx employee can be seen on the porch at Lutz’s home near Millington delivering a package. Everything seemed normal, but the video shows the worker, who is not being identified, look back as he is leaving and apparently see something he didn’t agree with.

Homeowner Shelly Lutz:

I have a regular United States of America flag and a Back the Blue flag on the front of my house, and really, when you lean out from the sidewalk is all you see on my deck.

This guy not only spit on their package but he did it in the middle of a freaking pandemic because he didn't like the fact that this family was a supporter of law enforcement.

FedEx is reviewing the incident and will take the appropriate action.

To see the video of the man spitting on the package, click here.

This is the second story today that I posted about someone pissed off over someone else supporting our men and women in blue. Earlier today I told you about a man that followed another man into his home and punched him in the head because he too was a law enforcement supporter.

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