The powers-that-be at PepsiCo say that women don't like to enjoy eating snack chips as much as men do. Why, you ask?

They say that men love to:
A) crunch loudly
B) smack their lips
C) lick & suck the flavored chip dust off their fingers
D) hold the bag upside-down and let the little bits that formed at the bottom fall into their mouths

But, according to a PepsiCo CEO, women are hesitant to do those things. They want to be 'dainty' and eat their chips with no noise, no finger dust with no little pieces to scrounge from the bottom of the bag.

So PepsiCo took it upon themselves and came up with the idea of future "male & female versions" of chips. Some people are poking fun at this concept on the internet, even going so far as to coming up with the name "Lady Doritos."

Will these female-only snack chips be soft with little or no crunch?
Will they be so elastic that little pieces won't break off and fall to the bottom of the bag?

I may be wrong, but I think the female population likes to crunch their chips just as much as the males.

How do YOU take this news?
Do you think it's an "about time" thing or a "waste-of-time" thing?

Just for the halibut, what kind of names do you think would work?
"Feminine Fritos"
"Female Funyuns"
"Madamoiselle Munchos"

To read how others across the country are reacting to this on Twitter- and to read all about it - CLICK HERE to read the article from the Huffington Post.

Got any comments or suggestions?

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