I am so sick and tired of seeing post after post about people not wanting to go back to work or not wanting to work for fast food companies, as a result of the extended unemployment benefits. This really is a Neanderthalic way of thinking. I'm willing to put money on the same people making these posts as the ones who scoff when they hear these people want to make $15.  Let me break it down for you. I recently came across an incredibly crystal clear view of just how out of touch people are, including our state leaders.

Recently Rep. David Rouzer, who represents North Carolina's 7th District and is Chairman of the Livestock and Foreign Ag. Subcommittee on the Agriculture Committee, posted a picture of a fast food restaurant which indicated on their drive thru that they were closed due to short staffing. His completely dense response to this was comical at best:

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This is what happens when you extend unemployment benefits for too long and add a $1400 stimulus payment to it. Right when employers need workers to fully open back up, few can be found.

Does he SERIOUSLY think three half-ass stimulus checks and terrible unemployment checks are keeping people from working, and allow them to live lavishly off the government? Those checks (which were our hard earned money anyway) belonged to someone else as soon as they hit our account. That's what a federal reserve note is, a debt that's owed to someone else. This was a great way to expose just how out of touch these big wigs are with the working class. These are BILLION dollar companies. These are companies which everyday at all locations, service hundreds, sometimes thousands of people with their products, and you're telling me that, especially during a pandemic, paying them a livable wage with benefits is out of the question?

I worked my BUTT off for 8 years at a restaurant back in Rochester Hills where I grew up. I went over the top and maintained a high quality of work, sanitation, presentation and care for a company whos owner wouldn't pay me over $12.50. He may not have been running a billion dollar sports bar, but when you can afford to take your family on a lavish trip to Disneyworld twice a year, you need to start taking care of the people who are making that happen.

You can even see it here. On reddit, people were talking about how a company on Westnedge is having trouble hiring people, and one person shared what all logical minded people are thinking:

Working close contact with Customers who may or may not have a Deadly Virus that can be given to you while you pass it down to your family for a wage that barely allows you to pay for a 1 bedroom apartment on 40hrs a week, which most Companies don't want to give since they'll have to give you Benefits once you work full-time. These Companies receives huge Tax Cuts, Tax Reliefs and even Tax Returns high within the Multi Millions while raking in Billions in Profits. If these Companies were forced to pay their Employees based on their Profits more than the bare minimum they can get away with more people would work for them and they'll find happier & loyal employees.

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