Family Video seems to be all over Michigan but soon you won't be seeing too many of them since a few dozen will be closing. Family Video is a video store, and if you haven't been in one recently they also sell CBD products. The last time I was in Family Video it was last year and even though I didn't buy anything you could notice less people frequent it than in the past.

I wasn't the only person to notice less customers, as Family Video announced (according to MLive) that they will be closing about 20 stores throughout the state. Even though 20 locations are closing there will still be about 60 Family Videos left, so they aren't closing up shop completely. There are a few locations in our area that will be closing like the Family Video in St. Johns and Owosso. The employees at the closing locations won't be laid off as they will apparently be moved to another location in the state, so at least that is good.

It looks as if Family Video will continue to be open through the pandemic and with these store closings it looks like they will be open through the winter. Plus it seems like the new non-video products (CBD products) is also helping them get through this time. More about it here.

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