Getting the best education available, is a must for a lot of parents across the country. Why would you take the time of day to not give your kids the skills that they need to thrive?

Would you believe me if I told you that there is one Michigan school that may have landed with the most expensive title?

Most Expensive High School in the Nation

The Leelanau School in Glen Arbor, Michigan, isn't just known for its breathtaking location. This private boarding school has garnered attention for its unique approach to education and hefty tuition fees, making it one of the most expensive high schools in the nation.

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At over $70,000 per year, attending The Leelanau School is a significant investment, but what exactly does it offer to justify such a price?

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First and foremost, the school prides itself on its small class sizes, which allow for personalized attention and tailored instruction. This individualized approach means that each student’s learning style and needs are carefully considered, ensuring they receive the best possible education.


The curriculum isn't limited to traditional academics; it extends into experiential learning that leverages the natural beauty of the surrounding Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

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Students are encouraged to explore a wide range of interests through diverse extracurricular activities, from outdoor adventures and arts to community service.

This holistic education model aims to develop not just academic prowess but also life skills, resilience, and a sense of responsibility.

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For parents who can afford the steep tuition, The Leelanau School promises an environment where students can flourish academically and personally. It's more than just a school; it's a place where young minds are shaped to meet the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and capability.

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