We have all heard about what is going on with Taylor Swift. It is not her fault and honestly, Ticketmaster had controlled the narrative for far too long. The ticket price is one thing, but then the fees get added in. All of that makes it tough for the average consumer to afford a ticket. Michigan gets some big shows, but it isn't always easy to afford a pair of tickets.

Justin Bieber Performs On NBC's "Today"
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Prior to cancelling his tour, Justin Bieber played Little Caesars Arena in Detroit this past June. The average ticket price was nearly $400 making it the 2nd most expensive in the country this year. Clearly, you are a Biele-ber if you paid that. Prior to the Ticketmaster debacle, people were selling Taylor Swift tickets for 10k online. Sick. By the way, 975 Now FM has plenty of Taylor Tickets to give away.

If you have ever wondered which state is the priciest for tickets, this site will tell you. If you have ever wondered why they are so expensive, we can help with that. Part of the blame goes to us, the consumer. When we stopped buying records and started downloading them, this started. Artists don't make as much selling their music so they make it back in touring. Depending on the artist, 75-90 percent goes directly to them. The rest goes to service charges, convenience fees, facility fees, surcharges, and taxes. By the time all is said and done, a $50 ticket will cost you close to $90. Enjoy the show!


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